Passover recipes

Passover recipes

How can this be menu not the same as other seder menus? Because we have honed in on the best (and chametz-free) recipes for Passover.

How can this be menu not the same as other seder menus? Because we have honed in on the best (and chametz-free) recipes for Passover. Matzo ball soup, brisket, short ribs, we have got all you need to cope with the holiday—all seven days from it.

BA’s Best Matzo Ball Soup

This recipe serves eight people generously (with two balls each) but tend to easily stretch for everyone 16 smaller sized appetizer-sized portions.

BA’s Best Chocolate Macaroon Cake

This can be a cake form of the chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons which are a Passover staple.

Homemade Gefilte Fish

Passover Chocolate-Toffee Matzo

Matzo Toast

Matzo will get lots of flack. It is a little card board-y, and lacks any pronounced flavor. But we have seen things differently: Matzo is simply toast’s less popular cousin. In The month of january, we declared 2015 the entire year of toast and use it our cover. However in this carb-phobic world, we have seen a vibrant future for matzo, too. So much in fact that we are declaring matzo the brand new toast, a minimum of with this week. Since we’ve got that off our chest, here’s ways to get the most from Passover’s legendary flatbread:

The Bottom

The most crucial factor to keep in mind about matzo is the fact that it isn’t bread. It isn’t malleable. You cannot fold it with you. It’s brittle and mostly unsalted. Toast can stand by itself in a manner that matzo can’t or will not. Toast makes sandwiches in ways matzo won’t (matzo sandwiches shatter). The lesson here? Always top your matzo and eat open-faced.


Matzo begs for fat and salt. While in doubt, make it simple. Editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport likes his matzo best with a few butter and maldon salt. Garlic clove or onion salt straight from bubbie’s kitchen kicks that formula up a notch. The butter ought to be 70 degrees-enough to spread to the brittle cracker but refrigerator temperature-enough in order that it does not compromise matzo’s satisfying crunch. Senior food editor Chris The other agents and digital food editor Beginning Perry recommend piling on almond butter, crushed almonds, a drizzle of honey, and maldon salt. We’ll never avoid a matzo PB&J, either.

Toppings (The Fundamentals)

Affiliate food editor Claire Saffitz thinks about matzo like a food with endless options: “What can I not placed on matzo?” During these carb-phobic occasions, we keep in mind that matzo will be a lot lighter and thinner than the usual slice in our favorite bakery’s miche. Rapoport tops his with hot-off-the-griddle scrambled eggs with chives. Saffitz stands by classic Jewish deli fare, choosing a skinny layer of spicy horseradish along with a layer of sweet charoset to balance it egg salad chopped liver a tuna melt or perhaps an apple having a drizzle of honey for any Jewish holiday mash-up. The other agents and Perry imagined up matzo covered in labneh, heirloom tomato plants, chives, and salt. Saffitz also states to deal with matzo how you would a bagel: schmear the cream cheese on thick and add red onion, lox, and capers. Butter plus beet-horseradish dip (chrein) received honorable mention.

Toppings (Next-Level)

Beyond traditional Passover fare, we love to our matzo with refinement. Try goat cheese and spicy jelly, or get it ready la avocado toast. Assistant editor Amiel Stanek makes matzo nachos (matzchos), affiliate web editor Rochelle Bilow gussies hers track of tahini and date syrup, and senior editor Meryl Rothstein swears by matzo pizza. She makes hers with crushed tomato plants and mozzarella, baking it within the oven at 350°F up until the cheese starts to melt. Saffitz’s next-level matzo comes with peanut butter, sriracha, lime, cilantro and scallions.

Sweet Teeth Only

As with every sweets, we eat dessert matzo moderately. However when we all do, we stick to the same concepts we organized above: top with salt and consume open-faced to keep matzo’s structural integrity. Rothstein recommends dusting butter-laden matzo with cinnamon and sugar. The other agents and Perry have been in strong favor of distributing nutella on the matzo and adding blueberry, raw sugar, and cacao nibs. Or you might go full-scale like Saffitz: this chocolate-toffee matzo recipe can perform no wrong.

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