Goulash recipe

Goulash recipe

> by Sabrina Snyder March 2, 2019

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Classic Goulash produced in ONE POT with hamburger, bell pepper, onions, and elbow macaroni inside a seasoned tomato sauce, ready within forty-five minutes!

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Classic Goulash is among my personal favorite traditional recipes, created using hamburger, onion, bell pepper, and macaroni inside a seasoned tomato sauce with diced tomato plants. It’s ideal for busy weeknight dinners because it just takes one pot and under forty-five minutes!

You may also increase the flavor for this dish with spices like paprika, or vegetables like mushrooms or green spinach. This is an excellent recipe to create for those who have leftover marinara sauce, and it’s always crowd-pleasing, and that’s why I really like which makes it for put-lucks!


If I’m making goulash ahead, I love to prepare the pasta based on package directions and hang aside. I Then result in the hamburger based on the recipe, and store all things in an airtight container within the refrigerator. I additionally prefer to store additional sauce quietly, just in situation it requires it whenever you reheat it later.

When you’re ready, saut the goulash using the pasta inside a skillet over medium-low heat, adding any other sauce as necessary. Stir when needed until heated through, then serve.


American goulash is really a traditional mid-west dish for everyone for supper or decide to try a potluck. It’s created using quite simple and available ingredients like pasta, hamburger, tomato sauce, and onion. You may also then add minced garlic clove or paprika for your American goulash, despite the fact that paprika isn’t typically utilized in this version.

American goulash differs from Hungarian goulash since the Hungarian goulash version is much more just like a stew created using ground meat, paprika, and often additional vegetables and taters. Hungarian goulash is also called Gulyas. Gulyas essentially means cowboy in Hungarian, the perfect candidate to consume goulash soup.


You are able to freeze this goulash recipe, but when you’re which makes it ahead to freeze I suggest undercooking the macaroni slightly, then immediately removing from heat and allowing it to awesome. This way when you attend reheat, the pasta will finish cooking completely rather to become mushy. Defrost within the refrigerator the night time before.

WHAT ELSE Are You Able To Increase GOULASH?

Green spinach

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  • You are able to top goulash with shredded cheese while dining, or chopped parsley.
  • This goulash recipe requires macaroni but you may also use egg noodles with this dish if that’s that which you have.
  • You can include more flavor by replacing water within this goulash recipe with beef broth, therefore the pasta absorbs the taste from the beef broth because it cooks.
  • Add a mug of sour cream to create this goulash having a cream sauce. You may also add 1/2 cup of cheese as the goulash continues to be cooking rather.
  • I’m utilizing a can of diced tomato plants within this recipe, however, you can chop fresh tomato plants if you wish to.
  • This goulash recipe has already been seasoned however if you simply want much more flavor try adding a touch of paprika or garlic clove, or deglaze the floor beef with 1/4 cup dark wine.
  • You are able to lighten this goulash up by utilizing poultry rather of beef, and adding more fresh vegetables instead of a few of the pasta.
  • You may make this recipe low sodium by omitting the salt, and taking advantage of the reduced-sodium form of canned tomato plants and Worcestershire sauce.
  • We’re not using any all-purpose flour within this recipe, but if you prefer a thicken sauce then the next time whisk 1-two tablespoons of purpose flour in to the onions when they’re cooking, to create a roux. I wouldn’t increase the than two tablespoons flour, or even the sauce could get too thick. In the event that happens, you can include a tiny bit of broth too.
  • You are able to switch the seasoning within this dish with simple Italian seasoning in order to save time.
  • In case your hamburger is sticking with the pan while browning, you can include a tiny bit of essential olive oil towards the pan.

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